Pleading Insanity

It takes a lot to make me want to throw something through a window. Should I ever get hauled into court for property damage, I’ve already decided to plead temporary insanity.

Even though patience isn’t always my strong suit, I often have a long fuse in vexing situations. That said, computer problems can make me lose my cool. My laptop looks innocent, but it’s really not.Laptop at CC 11.4.15

I know I’m not alone with regard to frustrating computer issues. To my fellow authors who’ve designed and distributed their books when self-publishing was in its fledgling stages, I give huge props for tenacity and commitment. I hadn’t planned to self-publish when I began novel writing years ago. I hadn’t researched the process, nor realized that the onus would fall on me, the author, to do so much more than write.

After I decided to produce my own book, about two-and-a-half years ago, I had to step up and learn the game with its ever-changing rules. And so began my info-gathering trek and my computer-cursing habit, which will continue the rest of my writing life.

Boy, was I shocked by the intensity of my learning curve. Maybe I’m overly curious or a bit of a nosy parker, but I want to know why things happen and how things work. A blessing and a curse for sure.

I chose to handle all the steps myself (except professional editing and cover designing), because acquiring new skills and trying new ventures makes me happy (usually). In order for me to self-publish, I had to become a jack-of-all-trades. My dad used to say he was a “jack” and then add in “master of none,” after which I’d remind him how incredibly knowledgeable that made him, knowing something about everything. I love that. So I strive to master all the trades. Ha-ha, as if. I pretty much fail at the mastering, but I’ve succeeded at a good portion of the rest. As with lots of things, I have to pick my battles.

These days, my battles involve the marketing for Emerald Obsession. As well as finishing the remaining versions (print and other e-versions), so I can truly say I’ve launched the book. Before this, my tussles and computer woes encompassed building my website, learning to blog, creating my social media presence from scratch, developing a basic marketing plan; all while working, writing, doing house renovations and occasionally fixing dinner for the hub. ; )

Even though I understand much of what I’m doing now, I still struggle with some of the technical parts. One of my biggest computer crazies is when I do the same—correct—thing and get different—and wrong—results. WTH?

Sort of the anti-definition of insanity; isn’t that amusing? Insanity = doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Here I am, doing the same thing, trying to get the same results, and it doesn’t work and I go insane. Hmm… I think something’s wrong with this picture. Oh well.

I’ve found my best course of action is often to stop working on the computer, shut it down and let the darn thing rest. Like a cranky, overtired child. Who’d probably take offense at my bad analogy.

The breather usually works. If not with the computer, then at least with my tired and peeved self. Until the next day, when I plant my butt in the desk chair, boot up and begin all over.

What about you, my friends and readers? How do you handle those things that make you want to tear out your hair or toss your laptop through the window? Please share your coping techniques in the comment section below. I’m always open to new ideas for taking my insanity level down a notch. Thanks for the help.


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