Where Do I Begin?

I’ve discovered an awful lot about social media and how to make it work for me and my writing. I’ve learned enough to know I was supposed to put a couple relevant keywords in this blog’s title. Since I decided not to, this post probably won’t go far in the realms of Google or Yahoo or the other search engines.

I don’t mind. This one isn’t about numbers, it’s about heart. And despite a title  that sounds like the lead-in to an epic miniseries, this blog is short.

People around the United States celebrated Thanksgiving this week. Many others the world over have their version of this celebration at other times during the year. And still more simply strive to be thankful whenever possible. I try hard to be like those people; even if I fail at times, they say aiming for and missing the moon still leaves you among the stars. I like to think that means I’m not too far off the mark.

Despite a year of a lot of changes and challenges, I find myself exceedingly grateful for a world of blessings.

I have everything I need in this life. That’s incredible and strange to realize when you believe that. And while I don’t have everything I could wish for, I’m glad for the all the wonderful things I do have: my brilliant artisan husband Lubos who’s turning our house into a home, scads of family and friends who surround me with love, good health, the ability to write and work all the time, food that prompts me to make yummy noises. And sleep. (I do really love sleep, whenever I can get it.)

With Thanksgiving on my mind this week, I want to acknowledge everyone who has touched my life. I’ve had such extraordinary, unique, mind-boggling experiences that have brought me to this point. And I’ve met so many dear and kind people. Thank you to every one of you for being part of my life. In big and small ways, you’ve all made a difference.

I’ll still aim for the moon. And be fortunate to know I’ll have loads of company among the stars. Thanks for hanging with me!

What are you grateful for, my visitors and friends? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Right now, I’m glad for the squirrels chasing each other through my trees. I get a kick outta them. And I’m glad my website is back up, so I can post again. : )

PS—On a strictly novel note of thanks : ) Emerald Obsession has already received five 5-star reviews on Amazon! I do believe I’m over the moon now! Thank you all!!

PPS–And hell, I’m ECSTATIC that Emerald Obsession is finally available in print on createspace.com!!! So happy.  : )

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4 thoughts on “Where Do I Begin?

  1. Carolyn

    You know you are one of my oldest and dearest friends. It makes me so happy to see you so happy. You are brilliant and have always seen the world in a different light . I thank you for this. You see the beautiful sunsets, the colors of the leaves, the pretty blue seas if we are on vacation, the different greens of the ireland hills. You have made me stop and enjoy the world. I couldn’t be happier for you seeing you light up in your life now. I am so proud of you! You know our daddies ( is that a word?) are laughing together watching us get old together from heaven. Their irish eyes are smiling! I love you as if you really are my sister and I am forever grateful that you have been a part of my life. I love seeing the insights to your crazy thoughts!!! Keep it coming!

    1. Thank you so much for those beautiful, heartfelt words, my friend. I’m really glad we’ve stuck together through all our thick-and-thins. You’re an incredible person, and I can’t tell you how much your support and friendship have meant to me. Thanks for taking time here to say these great things! And yes, fodda and padre…smiling for sure!–carolyn

  2. I’m thankful for Roscoe and his Harley. We love cruising around St. Augustine in search of quaint cafes. Our latest find, DOS, is located on the north side of town. We intend to meet friends there this Thursday afternoon. Swing by if you have some time. Around one, say? We’d love to meet you.

    Keep those blog’s coming.


    1. Thanks for taking some time to leave a comment here, Sydney. And for sharing what makes you smile. : ) I’m a fan of DOS, so I think I’ll pop on by Thursday. Would love to chat with you and Roscoe. See you soon.–carolyn

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